Wholesale Reports Dashboard

Advanced Wholesale Dashboard for Sales & Reports Wholesale for WooCommerce’s Advanced Sales & Reports Dashboard gives you powerful insights into how your wholesale store is performing. You can create sales reports for strategic decisions and sales monitoring with options like date range, sale status, predefined day range, etc., and generate them with a single click.

The statistical data on the dashboard’s scored cards are for viewing numbers related to B2B and B2C sale amount, refund amount, total orders made, and unique customer count.

B2B – Wholesaler Counter – Displays the total number of wholesale orders placed by any (B2B) wholesaler.

B2C – Retailer Counter – This counter shows the total number of retail orders placed by any retailer customer, such as a subscriber, a consumer, an editor, an administrator, etc.

Refunded Amount Counter – You can see the refund amount for a wholesale order on the wholesale Refund counter.

Wholesale Orders Counter – This counter shows the total number of Wholesale Orders fulfilled by each Wholesaler.

Wholesale Customer Counter – shows the total number of wholesalers ordered by one customer.