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Helps you to synchronize products between Square and WooCommerce, in the direction of your preference.


In WooSquare Plus, your orders, refunds, and inventory will synchronize from WooCommerce to Square with ease.

Customers Synchronization

Easily keep your Square and WooCommerce customers in sync, and link them to the orders appearing in WooCommerce.

Square Payment Gateway

Collect payments with Square Payment processor at WooCommerce checkout and manage sales and refunds easily.

Transaction Notes

Manage information to be displayed in Square transaction notes for the payments made at WooCommerce checkout.

Save Cards at Checkout

Users can save their cards at the time of checkout in WooCommerce, and can use them in future easily.

Square Modifiers

Square Modifiers in WooSquare allow you to sell items that are customizable or offer additional choices.

Introduction to WooSquare Plus

Partnerships & Recognitions

Our partnerships and strategic alliances worldwide have proven a key success factor in multiplying our positive impact on both WooCommerce and Square.

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